Subject: Doobage
August 12, 2008

III: Hey Doobage,How was your weekend? I hope it was decent.

Mud: Bro!

Weekend was very decent. How was yours?

Looking forward to Syl’s party this weekend. Lets do a Bronson this week.

III: Guy —

I had a great weekend. Hangin out with relatives and bodysurfing and drinking mainly.

Syl’s party is on Friday — correct?

Also, I wonder if we can score a dunk tank. I think I’m taking Friday off this week and am definitely game for bronnies at some point…

Mud: hombre,

yeah, syl’s is friday according to that email he sent out. Dunk tank!

III: Dude!

Wanna take Friday off and have a rage-a-liscious Thursday > Friday?? Time is running out on the Summer. Maybe get a crew to take Friday off??

How’s the Beirut game doing?

Dude! I got a sick drug rug yesterday. It’s so cool. It smells a little wacky though.

A dunk tank is $150 – $175. I need some concrete figures.

Mud: i’d like to but i don’t think i can… i’ll think about it tonight and see if it’s an option. i’d like to play some F’ing volleyball.

III: Dude — Let’s get some v-ball going then!

Question: Thinking about possibly getting tix for the Newport Folk Festival on Saturday. Trey is going to be there as one of the main acts, and I have a feeling some of the other “boyz” will be there to.

Do you have any interest?

Also, Feastage this weekend!

Mud: Bra,

Not a lot of interested in the Newp Folk Fest… Tons of interest in a volleyball sesh on saturday with possible feast interest. I could be persuaded to go to Newp if their were an extensive crew going, but again, very little interest on my part.

III: Man!

Hey Man, I’d be game for some volleyball > cookout > Feast. I was trying to gage some interest to see if others were interested in Newps. I’m really only interested in seeing Anastasio!

Question: Do you still consider yourself a member of the Jamband Community?

Mud: gustave,

i consider myself a retired member, yes. i don’t actively participate in many jamband events, however, i like to think that my everyday values are the same values shared by the jamband community.

what about you?

III: Meatball,

Yes, I am a member! I feel like part of being a member of the jamband community is going to see live music. (’s tagline is “Go see live music.”) Granted, I don’t see as much music as I’d like to see, but I get out there every now and then.

I feel like you’ve shunned the live music realm as of late. Nothing personal — just an observation.

Mud: you fucking bastard.

III: Hey!! Come on guy!! What do ya say!?!?! Hey!! Come on bra!