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Message Board: Formal Complaint
May 23, 2008

One In The Stink:  Someone has been trying to hack into the system and not only try to rearrange my roster, but complete shady deals with the likes of Fugazi and others.

I think Bunt is the only one with technical know-how to perform such a raunchy scam… Bunt or perhaps Rub.

Let it be known that one misstep and the hacker’s ass is grass. You may be able to hide behind wires and other internet cables for the time being, but raw power and a toned physique usually wins in those types of battles. In other words, “I win. You lose. Game over.”

I imagine this will be the first of many formal complaints I’ll issue this season. Let’s just hope that I don’t catch one of you with your pants down, and your shriveled up excuse for a penis in your hand.