simply put: we email friends and those emails are posted on this blog.  the dialogue is not made up and the people are not fake.

these are real-time emails.  some are funny, some are serious, and some are just simply nasty.  they illustrate how we use email daily to communicate, share information and tell stories.  most of us are sitting in cubicles seemingly disassociated from one another, but we may be more connected than you think.

we started by posting some old emails, but will update this daily with new and decent emails.  occasionally we’ll post a text, fantasy baseball message board post, chat or instant message, but for the most part we’ll keep it to emails.

if you have something to say send us an email @ decentcommunity@gmail.com


the decent community

“decency isn’t a deal, it’s not a contract or a hustle or an angle! decency… decency is what your grandmother taught you. it’s in your bones!”


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  1. decency is pretty decent.

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