Subject: Jim Caviezel

III: Bro — you in the mood to rap about our boy Jim Caviezel?

Helemt: AM I EVER!  what do you got?  let it be heard!

Jim “The Human Easel” Caviezel.

III: All I’m sayin is that “Caviez” knows what it’s about, where it’s coming from, and why it works as it does….

Ain’t that the truth? Jim Caviezal — I could go on for hours..

Helmet: The Veiz farts smell like roses and he shits gold.  If the Veiz were a car he’d be a red Ferrari fully equipped with machine guns and full of naked women. 

III: It’s been said that Jim Caviezel has dicks for arms, and an arm for a dick. The thing is, both are so goddamn powerful that nobody ever took notice of his condition.

They’d name a fruit juice after Jim Caviezel, but he could could give two fucks about fruits and juice. I’ll he drinks is breast milk. Jim Caviezel.

Jim Caviezel is good friends with Sandy Cohen.


Even more — Jim Caviezel made Ryan Atwood watch as he sixty-nined Marissa Cooper. Caviezel gets very loud when he sixty-nines (that’s fo sho!).


Helmet: jim caveizel once messed his pants once when on a trip to a jungle tribe in argentina.  the tribe is now named the caviezels and they walk around with shit in their pants daily.  if you are caught without shit (a.k.a the body of caveizal) in your pants you are beheaded on the spot.




III: skynard is killer at barbeques….


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