Subject: My Tanning Experience



III:  So I went tanning…….

I got to admit, I was nervous.  It’s a weird place with these little locker type things you go into, that looks like they are holding frozen bodies.  I wasn’t really sure what to do but I got the standard cheap tan.  The lady behind the counter was originally white, but now was black… the middle of winter. 

I didn’t use any bronzer or anything, although they asked if I wanted to buy some.  And yes, I was nude.  Pretty liberating.  I felt like rubbing one out, but had no lube.  I saw a couple guys in there too, which made me feel better…..but they seemed like they weren’t my style.  Never judge a book by it’s cover though, right?  

My butt feels a little burned, as it hasn’t been exposed to much light in it’s lifetime.  Not sure if I’m gonna ever go again.  That is the information I’ll provide you with. 

If you say one word to anybody about it, there will be hell to pay.  Are we clear?


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  1. LOL! Funny stuff…………

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